Our Team

Dr. Homayoon Jazebizadeh, MD

Originally from Iran, Dr. Homayoon Jazebizadeh began his journey into medicine at Tehran Medical University, receiving his Medical Doctorate degree in 1992. From 1994 to 1998, Dr. Jazebizadeh furthered his education by attending the Surgery Specialty Residency Program. Upon completion, an additional four years were spent focused on Subspecialty Residency for Plastic and Reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Jazebizadeh began his career as a surgeon, within public and private hospital facilities. With plastic surgery offering a broad spectrum of domains, Dr. Jazebizadeh was able to gain vast knowledge and experience in body contouring, breast surgery (augmentation/reduction), abdominoplasty, facial plastic surgery including but not limited to, face and neck lift and rhinoplasty, hand surgery, burns and skin lesions. Dr. Jazebizadeh soon found his passion and special interest in rhinoplasty surgery, leading him to focus extensively on this procedure. Over time, he refined the techniques and approaches that he uses, to achieve optimal results for patients who are looking to redefine the appearance of their nose.

In 2011, Homayoon moved to Canada with his family and settled in Moncton, New Brunswick. Dr. Jazebizadeh was welcomed into the surgical field and in 2018 he joined Dr. Brent Howley to focus on cosmetic surgery. Aesthetic plastic surgery is a passion for Dr. Jazebizadeh, with a specific interest in rhinoplasty surgery. Establishing rapport with open communication with all patients, has always been of prime importance and priority. Dr Jaz respects patients’ choices and will always take the time to answer all questions and address any concerns. He believes that each plastic surgery procedure requires an individualized design approach, according to the individual’s desires and expectations. Dr. Jazebizadeh likes a beautiful, natural-looking nose that compliments the patient’s facial structure and other elements of their face.

In his spare time, Homayoon enjoys spending time with his family, exploring nature, hiking, and literature.